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|  OBM filtration control agent TF FL OH-2

OBM filtration control agent TF FL OH-2

Detailed description


1. Product Description

TF FL OH-2 is an oil soluble linear polymer designed for oil-based drilling fluids in the application of HTHP filtration control. It is environment acceptable and can be widely applied in oil-based drilling fluids system with the modified vegetable oil components. TF FL OH-2 provides excellent HTHP filtration control performance without lowering the ES stability. Zero HTHP filtration can be achieved without any modified asphalt or organic lignite.




Brownish black liquid

Special gravity(20℃)


Pure   Point,℃,max


ES, min


HTHP FL @ 300°F/30 min,   ml  max


Formula:   2.0 SG O/W=80:20 diesel base mud with 3% TF FL OH-2, Hot rolling @ 300°F   for 16h

2.    Technical Advantages

HTHP filtration control with one Drum tech.

Without modified asphalt for HTHP control.

Compatible with all types of OBM and SBM.

Environmental friendly and can be biodegradable with the application of linear oil soluble polymer.

Zero HTHP filtration can be achieved without using any modified asphalt or organic lignite.

3.    Mixing & Maintenance

n  Mix TF FL OH-2 slowly into the active mud or base oil premix through the jet hopper or shearing equipment, the recommended concentration is 1%-3% by total volume.

n  The formulas should be made based on the solids content, mud density and fluids programs required. Pilot tests should be done to optimize the concentration before mixing the TF FL OH-2.

n  Fine sealing agents, such as fine CaCO3 or other invasion control additives are recommended while only using TF FL OH-2 for HTHP control.

4.    Package, Storage and Transportation

TF FL OH-2 is packaged only in plastic drum for 50L/dr, 200L/dr or as customer required. Bioassay information is not available upon request. Handle as an industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described on the transportation and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). It can be transported as normal inert chemicals which should be kept in dry and the period of validity is 24 months.

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