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HSE management system commitment:

       Weifang Tianfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to health, safety and environmental protection, providing its employees, customers and contractors with the highest standards of health and safety assurance and protecting their living and working environment. On this basis, the company also passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18000 safety and health management certification.

       Weifang Tianfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. HSE management system provides us with the operation must comply with the health, safety and environmental standards. Management communicates the HSE Code to all employees, customers, contractors and business-related third parties, each of which must strictly adhere to the HSE Code.

       We are committed to:

       Comply with laws, regulations, standards, codes and other (customer and related parties) requirements concerning quality, health, safety and environment;

       Ensure that the management process effectively operates and controls the procedures, standards and methods learned, formulates corresponding requirements and regulations, and forms a systematic system document;

       Establish high-quality safety behavior goals and results evaluation system. Through the efficient management system to achieve the service process and product quality continuous improvement;

       Strengthen the identification of hazards and environmental factors affecting the Company's production campaign and other activities, the assessment of risks and environmental impacts, risk reduction and control management to ensure the health of employees, the prevention of pollution and the safety of people and assets;

       Conduct monitoring, measurement, analysis and review of process performance and adhere to management reviews and external audits to ensure quality,

       Effectiveness of health, safety and environmental management systems. Implement the necessary corrective measures and preventive measures to achieve the company's vision and sustainable development goals and targets;

Policy Statement:

       Weifang Tianfu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The key to success lies in the ability to protect people and the environment at the same time, continuously improve the quality of products and services. Work should focus on ensuring the health of personnel, work safety, environmental protection, quality improvement and so on.

       The company requires all employees to make commitments and bear the corresponding responsibility for QHSE. Direct management must set an example in communicating, implementing and ensuring adherence to QHSE policies and practices. we promise:

       In line with national and industry laws, regulations and employees, the parties concerned;

       Consistent with the company's guidelines on quality and health, safety and environment, overall goals and commitment of managers;

       Always committed to safeguarding and working to improve the health and safety of personnel;

       Avoid quality and HSE accidents;

       Meet the special needs of customers, and continue to improve to ensure customer satisfaction;

       Consider the company's health, safety and environmental hazards and risks, reflecting the requirements of cleaner production and energy-saving emission reduction;

       Consider the feasibility of economy and technology and promote the application of new technology, new technology and new materials by technological progress;

       Minimize the impact on the environment by preventing pollution, reducing natural resource consumption and emissions, reducing waste and enhancing waste recovery;

       The company regularly reviews the above policies to ensure proper application. In this way, we can continuously improve the social environment and at the same time advocate the multi-cooperation between companies, partners and customers to work hard for the common sustainable development of human and social environment.

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